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Our Story

Kampai Sushi was the first Sushi Restaurant opened in Delson city, serving the Roussillon area and beyond since 2004. Since day one, our mission has been to provide high-quality Japanese food for those who seek for a unique, delicious and unforgettable dining experience.

Now, moving into the heart of Solar Uniquartier in 2022, Kampai Sushi continues to offer a variety of traditional and innovative sushi, made from fresh and seasonal ingredients, the vast majority of which is imported directly from Japan.


With nearly 20 years of experiences, our chefs put a lot of work into getting the finest products and turning them into inspiring flavors. From succulent appetizers to mouthwatering sushi platters, we take pride in our signature dishes.


Join us to discover a gourmet kitchen that serves tasty food pairings and culinary delights.


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